The best partner of your ornamental fish supply

  • Before placing any order, you must agree to all terms and policies mentioned bellow.

  • We reserve the rights to make amendments to terms and policies without any prior notice.


  • Our guarantee covers live arrival only. We will undertake 100% D.O.A. responsibility. Anyway customers should not be worried, since according to our experience, our D.O.A. rate is below 1% on average.
  • All our live fish stocks are quarantined from one week or more before the beginning of the packing procedure to ensure they are healthy and strong enough to export to overseas countries.
  • As all our livestock exports are arranged with you (the buyer) prior to dispatch, you must get your fish order on time of arrival. We will not undertake any responsibility if you fail to get your order on time.
  • Genuine claims of any fish dead on arrival must be informed to Lanka Royal Fish Company (Pvt) Ltd within 6hours of arrival. The claims that notified after the given time period will not be accepted.
  • If you receive any dead fish. Whether the loss is due to delayed flight or mismanagement of the freight (externally damaged boxes) or something else, we do not refund or replace it. Please inform the responsible parties and cover them. If the loss is due to something we did, we will reimburse the amount of dead fish (Excluding packing and shipping charges).
  • If you receive any dead on arrival fish, please follow the below procedure.


  • Don’t break the original seal of the bag.
  • Never dispose of fish without authorization, as dead fish must remain in the original sealed bag.
  • Send us clear pictures of the unopened original seal bag with Dead fish and the Product’s label.
  • We will not undertake any responsibility if the bag is opened or you can’t provide those conditions.
  • Once you open the bag we will no longer accept any warranty and in that case, the guarantee will be canceled.
  • We will not refund any money. We replace the amount of dead fish (excluding packaging and shipping charges) by the next order.


  • The minimum order per shipment is 10 boxes.
  • The approximate quantity packed for each species is included in the price list.
  • This also can be varied with the distance and duration of the flight via Airline routes.
  • However, the quantity can be increased or reduced upon the buyer’s request; in that case, we will not undertake any responsibility if meet the considerable death of arrival.
  • All consignments are packed in pressurized oxygenated doubled plastic bags; each bag will be contained a relevant information data label.
  • All fish are packed in Styrofoam boxes; large box (6 bags per box/ 20-21 kg) and small box (4 bags per box/ 13-14kg).
  • Outer cover cardboard boxes will be provided at the request of the buyer and those additional costs will be charged.
  • All fish sizes are given as the standard length (Nose to the beginning of the tail) in cm.
  • All fish items are checked before dispatch and are carefully hand packed by our well trained staff.


  • If you are interested to make an order you should send an inquiry through our website.
  • Orders should be sent directly by e-mail. (Orders may be placed 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week.)
  • Orders will be executed normally within 3-5 working days of receipt of the order.
  • All orders will be in attendance strictly in order of arrival.
  • Orders received on holidays will be processed the next following business day.
  • When ordering kindly produce your freight guarantee to the airline you consider shipping the consignment to facilitate handling of the order without any delay.
  • Do inform us in advance if the consignment has to be shipped on any specific day.
  • If you provide incorrect shipping details (eg. shipping address etc.), in such cases we will not undertake any claims and the order will not be replaced or refund.
  • Due to emergency unavailability of stock; we will ship the rest of the order & later will ship the pending fish amount without any extra shipping charges, or under rare circumstances, we reserve the right to make suitable substitutions with the discretion of the buyer.
  • Some of the mentioned product pictures are just for reference; the original product may look different than the mentioned picture.
  • Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged. ( except D.O.A.policies)
  • We will send the ordered list for double-checking and if there are any errors, please contact us immediately.
  • We will not be responsible for refund and replacement for any theft, damage, late delivery, etc. of the consignment during air freight. (In such a situation be sure to inform the relevant parties and keep us informed too.)
  • We assure in our best to pack your order in very good condition.


  • We normally issue the health certificate and certificate of country of origin.
  • Any other certificate required by your country, to be informed when you place the order.
  • Your order will be confirmed by us after you signed and send back the following documents.
    Terms and policy statement and Proforma invoice


  • After receiving your inquiry, we will send the available stock list and the price list via email.
  • Because our stock moves very fast, every stock list sent to you will be valid only for 24 hours.


  • All prices are in us dollars Currency, FOB: Colombo International Airport.
  • Under current prices; Documentation, Handling charges, and packing charges per shipment will be sent you via email.
  • Shipment Freight Charges can arrange according to the customer’s requirement, it can be arranged on a Freight collect basis or prepaid basis.
  • Freight charges are based on the actual charge from the airline and freight forwarder which we shall not consider this charge as our profit.
  • We will send a copy of all documents for shipment to the customer by email and a conclusion invoice to show really cost for shipment.
  • Discount in fish only.
  • Payment is to be made according to the terms stated in the Invoice.
  • For new clients 100% advance payments only for bulk purchases; they have to pay in full for the first three shipments. (except sample orders)
  • We offer credit limits for bulk purchases only for registered buyers.
  • Only for registered buyers, the maximum credit time is 7days after received the shipment.
  • We accept only Telegraphic Transfers (T/T payments) and T/T receipt should be emailed to us immediately.
  • No Cheque will be accepted.
  • We will start to ready your order after our bank confirms receive the money.
  • All expenses or fees for any bank transfer to our account must be paid by the buyer.
  • All communications must be in English only.


  • Sample orders offer only from our main fish product. (both male & female of fancy guppy)
  • We require only 50% in advance from the full payment.
  • After arrival of shipment, due amount is to be made according the terms stated in the invoice.
  • We use only the extended package (72 hours) type for sample orders. (fish quantity can’t be changed at the discretion of the buyer)
  • We will undertake 100% D.O.A. responsibility.
  • We usually pack large size (3.5 cm) guppy fish into the bags. (Size can be changed at the discretion of the buyer)


  • Upon the buyer’s request, we can able to provide sample orders for other tropical fish species.
  • We require 100% in advance payment. We don’t offer credit.
  • We normally use an extended package (72 hours) type for sample orders. (fish quantity can be changed at the discretion of the buyer)
  • If you increase the fish quantity beyond the extended package limit, the D.O.A guarantee will be void.
  • We usually pack large size fish into the bags. (Size can be changed at the discretion of the buyer)
  • We will not refund money, goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged(sample orders only)